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The Origin

Development from many sources

Developmental Transformations began as a form of Drama Therapy. DvT, not to be confused with DBT (a much more serious and legitimate form of psychotherapy) or Deep Vein Thrombosis, is an approach that focuses on assisting humans in adapting to the ever-changing world. DvT acknowledges that the world is unstable, and that human efforts to stabilize it are ineffective. Instead, DvT asks us to see that the ocean is rocky, and learn to manage our seasickness, in order to provide us with opportunities to ride the waves.

We gain these skills through play, which is the mammalian language of learning, and through experiencing real encounter with other humans in a real/not real space called the "playspace". (We assure you, it's really best if you just come try it, rather than attempt to read about it. There's almost nothing worse.)

DvT draws theory and knowledge from psychoanalytics, but also Buddhism, dance and movement, the theatre, and more. 

DvT The Method

Transformation to a method

As DvT has continued to grow and expand, more and more individuals and groups have discovered the benefits. In 2013, David announced that DvT would no longer be limited to drama therapists, but instead could be used as a method and a life practice for anyone looking to learn to manage the instabilities of life. Thus, DvT the Method was born. DvT is a beneficial practice that can be incorporated in many professions, activities, and ways of being. DvT Psychodrama, DvT Yoga, and DvT Improv all exist and thrive. As DvT has grown as a method, DvT has expanded across the globe. Along with the institutes in New York, Chicago, Boston, and San Francisco, there are also institutes in Montreal, Israel, England, Ireland, Belgium, the Netherlands, the Czech Republic, and Hong Kong, to name a few. 

If you are interested in finding out if DvT would be useful to you in your profession or life, feel free to join us during a !Playdate! We'd love to meet you, and help you incorporate DvT. 

ALIVE and More

The possibilities are endless

DvT is not only thriving around the world, but in schools all over the nation DvT. DvT can be found in schools in Alaska, Washington, Minnesota, Florida, Connecticut, New Hampshire, and North Carolina. The ALIVE program brings teaching artists into schools to teach students about trauma, and to provide students with opportunities to engage in stress relief sessions. DvT, through the ALIVE program, has been found to reduce in-class behavioral challenges, and as such has reduced referrals, suspensions, and expulsions. ALIVE is appropriate for children aged K-12. ALIVE Humanities provides older students opportunities to learn using DvT, and social justice education through ALIVE is coming soon. 

If you're an educator, DvT is a wonderful tool you can use to bring to your students to help them learn, and express their feelings in healthy ways that support their growth.

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